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24 St. Patrick’s Day Hair Accessory Tutorials

24 St. Patrick's Day accessories
Your St. Patrick’s Day is guaranteed to be “pinch-free” when you make and wear a fashionable green headband, clip, or barrette! Just try one of these 24 St. Patrick’s Day Hair Accessory Tutorials. They are simple and fun to make!


1. St. Pat’s Lovely Lassie Headbands

St. Patrick's Day Headbands with Foam/Paper Shamrocks

2. Glitter Clover Headband

Glitter Shamrock Headband

3. Looped Shamrock Headband

Felt Looped Shamrock Headband

4. Clover Flower Headband

Clover Flower Headband

5. Shamrock Baby Headband

Shamrock Baby Headband

6. Felt Shamrock Headband

Felt Shamrock Headband

7. Clover Headband Clip

Clover Headband Clip

8. 4 Leaf Clover Headband

4 Leaf Clover Felt Headband

9. Simple Tulle Headband

Tulle St. Patrick's Day Headband

10. Leprechaun Hat Headband & Clips

St. Patrick's Day Hat Headband and Clover Clip

 11. Shamrock Elastic Headband

Shamrock Elastic Headband

 12. Clover Crown

Clover Crown

Clips & Barrettes

13. Felt Shamrock Clip

Felt Shamrock Clip

14. Leprechaun Hat Clip

 St. Patrick's Day Hat Clip

15. Stacked St. Patrick’s Day Bow


16. Shamrock Hair Clips

Super Simple Clover Hair Pins

17. Shamrock Heart Hairclips

 Shamrock Hearth Hairclips

18. Shamrock Ribbon Barrette

Ribbon Shamrock Hair Clip

19. Simple St. Patrick’s Day Barrette

Super Simple St. Patrick's Day Hair Bows

20. Shamrock Barrette

 Felt Shamrock Barrette 

21. Woven Shamrock Barrette

Woven Ribbon Shamrock Barrette

22. Glitter Barrette

Glitter St. Patrick's Day Barrette

23. Clover Clip

Clover Clip

24. Crochet Clover Clip

Crochet Clover Hair Clip


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