15 pajama and nightgown tutorials and patterns

One of the most popular things to sew for holiday gifts are pajamas (pyjamas if you’re down under). There are dozens of great pajama and nightgown tutorials around the web. I’ve searched through them and if you want to know how to make pajamas you’re in luck because this tutorial and pattern list is complete! Need some knit fabric for these pajamas? Check out our great list of where to buy knit online.

15 pajama and nightgown tutorials and patterns


U-Create Craftslounge pants tutorial

Pajama Shirt Tutorial

pillowcase nightgown tutorialpillowcase nightgown tutorial

drop bottom baby pajamasdrop bottom baby pajamas

flannel nightgown tutorialflannel nightgown tutorial

sweater pajama refashion
sweater to pajama tutorial

easy kids pajamas for beginnerseasy pajama shorts set tutorial

womens pajamas and nightgown tutorial and patternwomen’s pajamas and nightgown

Women's pajamas tutorial

Women’s Pajamas

Lazy Day Pajamas
button up pajama set

10 minute pajama upcycle!

10 Minute T-Shirt Upcycle

summer pajamas tutorialsummer pajamas tutorial

little man pajamas made from mens shirt tutorialpajama tutorial from mens shirt

drawstring pajama pants tutorialdrawstring pajama pants tutorial

Classic footed pajamas pattern tutorialfooted pajama tutorial

nightgown tutorialpillowcase nightgown tutorials

And a bonus. Pajama eaters! Aren’t these cute?

Pajama eaters