12 homemade condiments and sauces you should be making

12 condiments and sauces you should be making yourself!

Get out the fresh ingredients and start making your own sauces and condiments! These are not difficult and the taste is amazing! PLUS you’ll know exactly what is in your sauce! No mystery ingredients you can’t pronounce. Save these homemade condiments and sauces recipes for the next time you need them!
12 sauces and condiment recipes!

Homemade Condiments and Sauces

1. Butter

All you need is cream and a stand mixer. There’s also the method where you put it in a jar with a lid and shake for 10 minutes, which is easy too.

Make your own butter!

2. Peanut Butter

Skip the additives and just make peanut butter with peanuts. Simple, fresh and delicious!

Make your own peanut butter

3. Chocolate hazelnut spread

Perfect for people with allergies! Avoid the milk in most Nutella like products! With just hazelnuts, cocoa powder, oil, chocolate, powdered sugar and a bit of salt you can have your own delicious chocolate hazelnut spread!

Make your own nutella!

4. Ketchup

You won’t believe the difference with homemade ketchup! Avoid the food additives you don’t want by making it yourself!

How to make your own ketchup

5.  Hot sauce

Make it just the way you like it!

Make your own hot sauce!

6. Mayonnaise

If you love mayo you’ll love making your own!

Make your own mayo & sauces!


7. Maple Syrup

If you live near Maple trees you might want to try this!

How to make your own real maple syrup.

8. Mustard

Making mustard is a fun way to add flavor to your dishes! It’s easy but takes a little time!

Make your own mustard!

9. Pesto

Fresh pesto is so delicious! 

Make your own spinach basil pesto.

10. Salad Dressing

These 3 salad dressings should get you through any kind of salad!

Make your own salad dressing - 3 ways!

11. BBQ sauce

Everyone has a special type of BBQ sauce they love. Make your own so it’s just right!

Make your own bbq sauce!

12. Marinara

Skip the jarred sauce and make your own! You’ll never go back!The best marinara ever.


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