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10 ways to repurpose a t-shirt

10 Ways to Reuse a T-shirt - Great DIY tutorials! -

Don’t throw away your old t-shirts! You can always use them for something! Repurpose, upcycle, reuse! Here are 1o ways (and more tutorials) for how to repurpose a t-shirt. Most of these are no-sew but there are some great sewing options as well!

1. Make a grocery bag. 

Simple DIY produce bag from a t-shirt.

Produce bag tutorial by Delia Creates.

Turn a t-shirt into a grocery bag!

grocery bag tutorial by Pop Sugar.

2. Braid a rug. 

DIY braided rug from t-shirts

Braided rug tutorial by Sew Liberated.

3. Use them to clean!

Great ways to reuse t-shirts!

Reusable duster tutorial by Verdigris Knits.

4. Use them as decor! 

T-shirt pom pom tutorial

 t-shirt pom pom tutorial by Craftaholics Anonymous.

5. Make a fabric bowl. 

Turn a t-shirt into a fabric bowl!

Tutorial by The Red Thread.

 6. Make a t-shirt apron. 

turn a t-shirt into an apron!

Tutorial by Ruffles and Stuff.

No-sew t-shirt apron tutorial

No-sew t-shirt apron tutorial by Sawdust Girl.

7. Repurpose t-shirts into dish cloths

turn t-shirts into dish cloths!

8. Refashion it! 

Upcycle those old t-shirts!10 tutorials from Me Sew Crazy.

Refashion old women's shirts into leggings and dresses for girls!

Turn women’s tops into a little girl’s outfit! 

Turn a t-shirt into a tank top

Tank top tutorials.

t-shirt cutout tutorials

T-shirt cutout tutorials.

9. Make a memory quilt!

Make a memory quilt!

Tutorial by Happy Quilting Melissa.

Make an easy t-shirt quilt

Simple block t-shirt quilt tutorial by Sew Caroline.

10. Make accessories!

Turn a t-shirt into a scarf!

T-shirt scarf tutorials on My Blessed Life.

Make a t-shirt necklace

T-shirt necklace tutorial by Frugal Nomics.

Make a t-shirt headband

T-shirt knot headband by Reese Kristal.

t-shirt headband.

Twist headband by Honeybee Vintage.

Need more ideas?

t-shirt upcycle ideas

20 great t-shirt refashion ideas.


  1. says

    Coincidental or what!?My son has just given me a pile of tee shirts that are either too small or he knows he will never fit into but still liked the pictures on the fronts! He was having a sort out whilst getting ready for University. I suggested I could make a quilt of some kind using the motifs. Your links and suggestions for recycling tee shirts will be very useful, thank you. I will share my creation on my blog when completed. Please feel free to pop over sometimes to see what else I’ve been up to.
    Regards Zena

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